10 Instagram Feed Ideas & How to Create Them

10 Instagram Feed Ideas & How to Create Them

10 Instagram Feed Ideas & How to Create Them

10 Instagram Feed Ideas & How to Create Them

Discover 10 creative and engaging Instagram feed ideas to attract more followers and enhance your brand's presence on the platform.

Discover 10 creative and engaging Instagram feed ideas to attract more followers and enhance your brand's presence on the platform.

Discover 10 creative and engaging Instagram feed ideas to attract more followers and enhance your brand's presence on the platform.

Dec 20, 2023

Dec 20, 2023

Dec 20, 2023

Instagram Feed Ideas
Instagram Feed Ideas
Instagram Feed Ideas

Instagram has become a popular platform for individuals and businesses alike to connect with their audience and showcase their brands. With over 1 billion active users, it's important to stand out from the crowd to attract more followers and increase engagement.

If you don't know where to start, we have some inspiration for you! In this guide, we'll explore 10 Instagram feed ideas that can help elevate your brand's presence and make your content more appealing to your followers.

What Is an Instagram Feed?

Instagram feed is a collection of all the photos and videos you've uploaded to your account, displayed in a grid format.

Think of it as the digital storefront of your brand - it's where you showcase your products, services, or lifestyle, and tell your brand's story. A well-curated feed can be a powerful tool to captivate viewers, build a loyal community, and ultimately drive growth for your brand.

Paying attention to the aesthetics of your feed, the quality of your posts, and the consistency of your content can make a significant difference. The ideas we discuss in this guide will provide you with fresh perspectives on how to create an engaging feed. Let's dive in!

10 Instagram Feed Ideas to Learn From

1. Bold And Vibrant Theme

A bold and vibrant theme can instantly catch the eye of your followers. This type of feed features bright colors, high contrast, and dynamic images that create a sense of energy and excitement. If you have a brand that is all about fun and creativity, this could be the perfect fit for you.

To achieve this look, experiment with bold and vibrant filters, or use editing tools to enhance the colors in your photos. You can also play around with different graphics and fonts for your captions to add more visual interest. The key is to keep the energy high and maintain consistency in your overall aesthetic.

Bold And Vibrant Instagram Theme Example

2. Minimalist And Clean Theme

Simplicity can be just as powerful as boldness. A minimalist and clean theme focuses on using neutral tones, simple lines, and negative space to create a cohesive feed that is both calming and visually appealing.

This type of feed works well for brands that want to convey a sense of sophistication and elegance. You will need to stick to a specific color palette and use clean, high-quality images with minimal distractions. Avoid clutter and keep your captions concise to maintain the overall minimalist aesthetic.

Minimalist Instagram Theme Example

3. Vintage Theme

For a more nostalgic and retro feel, a vintage theme is the way to go. This type of feed features muted colors, film-like filters, and vintage-inspired elements to create a sense of nostalgia and warmth. You can convey a sense of authenticity and storytelling through this Instagram theme.

Some filters we recommend for this theme include VSCO's HB1 and A6, or Lightroom presets like "Vintage Fade" or "Retro Film." Add vintage-inspired graphics or use old-fashioned fonts in your captions to enhance the overall theme.

Vintage Instagram Theme Example

4. Illustration Theme

For a unique and creative Instagram feed, consider using an illustration theme. This type of theme incorporates illustrations or cute digital stickers into posts, captions, and highlights covers to add a whimsical touch to your content.

To create an illustration theme, you can either create your own illustrations or use pre-made ones from design websites like Pixcap. Head over to this page to discover 10,000+ 3D free and premium illustrations to use for your Instagram posts.

Illustration Instagram Theme Example

5. Grid Theme

When choosing grid theme, you need to be strategic with your posts and how they flow together on your profile. Some unique yet complex grid themes you may want to try are rainbow and puzzle layouts. You can also use different colors or filters to tie the posts together visually. However, make sure that each post can stand alone and still make sense to your followers.

Applying this theme to your feed can be a bit tricky so to get started, plan out your posts in advance and use apps like UNUM or Planoly to see how they will look on your profile before posting.

Grid Instagram Theme Example

6. Checkerboard Theme

Checkboard is a simple grid theme that you can try when first experiencing with grid layouts. All you need to do is alternate between two different types of posts, such as a photo and then a quote or graphic design.

To make this theme even more interesting, try using a consistent color scheme or a specific type of post in each row. For example, you could have a row of quotes followed by a row of travel photos.

Checkerboard Instagram Theme Example

7. Same Filter Theme

Another way to create a cohesive and visually appealing Instagram feed is by using the same filter on all your posts. This can add a consistent aesthetic to your content and make it more recognizable for your followers.

You can experiment with different filters or stick to one that best reflects your brand's image. To simplify the process, you can also save your favorite filter presets in editing apps such as Lightroom or VSCO. This will make it easier to apply the same filter to all your posts.

There is nothing wrong with mixing and matching different filters for a more eclectic feed, but be sure to choose ones that still complement each other and enhance your overall brand image.

Same Filter Instagram Theme Example

8. Seasonal Theme

Another fun way to switch up your Instagram feed is by using seasonal themes. This can be particularly effective for businesses or brands that align with specific holidays or seasons.

For example, a fashion brand could showcase their summer collection during the warmer months and transition to fall styles once the season changes. Or a food blogger could feature holiday-themed recipes during Christmas time.

Seasonal themes can also help keep your content fresh and relevant, as well as appeal to current trends and interests. Just be sure to plan ahead and have a schedule in place for when to switch up your themes.

Seasonal Instgram Theme Example

9. Flatlay Theme

Flatlay photos, or photos taken from above, have become increasingly popular on Instagram. You must have seen these types of photos at least once, especially in food accounts. This aesthetic can also be applied to other areas, such as fashion and beauty.

To achieve this theme, you can arrange your elements in a flat or angled composition with negative space around them. This creates a clean and visually appealing layout that is perfect for showcasing products or creating a cohesive and artistic feed.

Remember to experiment with different angles, textures, and props to find the perfect flatlay composition for your brand. And don't be afraid to add some personality and creativity to make your flatlays stand out from others.

Flatlay Instagram Theme Example

10. Black And White Theme

For a classic and timeless aesthetic, consider using a black and white theme for your Instagram feed. This can give your brand a sophisticated and high-end look, perfect for businesses in the fashion, wedding photography, or luxury industries.

There are just a few simple rules you need to follow with this theme, stick to a monochromatic color scheme and avoid using any bright colors. You can also add pops of white or black as accents to break up the monotony. And don't forget about the power of shadows and contrast in creating dynamic and visually appealing photos. Overall, a black and white theme can give your brand a sleek and elegant look on Instagram.

Black And White Instagram Theme Example

Why Do You Need a Creative Instagram Feed Design?

Having a creative Instagram feed design is essential for businesses and individuals looking to establish a professional and recognizable brand presence. A well-designed feed can attract more followers, increase engagement, and ultimately help convert viewers into customers. Having a theme also shows that you have put thought and effort into your brand's image, which can increase trust and credibility with potential customers.

With the right theme and consistent posting, your Instagram feed can become a powerful marketing tool for promoting your products or services. So don't underestimate the importance of a well-designed and curated Instagram feed for your brand's success.

Instagram Templates to Use for Your Feed

If you're not a designer or don't have the time to create a custom theme, don't worry!

There are plenty of pre-made Instagram post templates available on Pixcap that you can use for your feed. These templates come in a variety of styles and designs, and all of them are fully customizable to fit your brand's aesthetic.

Simply choose a template that resonates with your brand and start customizing it with your own content, fonts, and colors, characters. These templates are designed specifically for Instagram, so you can be sure they will display perfectly on your feed. You can always easily switch the design to different sizes if you want to share your posts on other social media platforms as well.


Your Instagram theme should be a major part of your Instagram strategy. If you want to build a strong and recognizable brand, it's time to revamp your feed.

Before choosing a theme, think about your brand's personality and values first. It should be something that accurately represents your business and appeals to your target audience.  Don't be afraid to experiment and make changes until you find the perfect theme for your brand.

We hope these Instagram feed ideas help you get started on creating a beautiful feed that will benefit your brand!

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