20 Best Fashion Logos for Inspiration

20 Best Fashion Logos for Inspiration

20 Best Fashion Logos for Inspiration

20 Best Fashion Logos for Inspiration

Get inspired by these 20 famous fashion logos and take your brand to the next level!

Get inspired by these 20 famous fashion logos and take your brand to the next level!

Get inspired by these 20 famous fashion logos and take your brand to the next level!

Jan 18, 2024

Jan 18, 2024

Jan 18, 2024

fashion logos
fashion logos
fashion logos

Clothing serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. Over time, certain brands have taken the lead in dictating fashion trends and styles, inspiring millions. These trailblazers in the multi-billion-dollar fashion industry offer valuable insights into effective brand building. This compilation showcases how global fashion leaders leverage graphic design to establish a robust brand presence, underscoring the crucial role of logo design in fostering brand uniqueness.

The below list features 20 of the best fashion logos for inspiration, from luxury brands to streetwear. Let's see what makes these logos stand out!

1. Louis Vuitton

Originating as a luggage specialty brand, Louis Vuitton has retained its iconic logo since 1914.

The wordmark, designed by Georges Vuitton - the founder's son, utilizes a serif typeface and interlocking initials, crafting an instantly recognizable silhouette. The bold contrast between the gold lettering and brown background reinforces exclusivity.

Louis Vuitton logo

2. Superdry

Superdry, an international brand hailing from the UK, is owned by the SuperGroup. What sets its logo apart in the realm of fashion logos is the inclusion of Japanese characters that say “kyokudo kanso (shinasai),” a phrase which is loosely translated as 'maximum dry'. This unique choice of incorporating Japanese script lends an air of distinction to its apparel logo, setting it apart from its competitors.

Superdry logo

3. Gucci

Guccio Gucci has the same concept like Channel, Louis Vuitton and Hermes in which their logo is using their own name as the brand's representation. The iconic double Gs were initially used after a saddle design for his bags was found to bear his initials. Since then, it has become synonymous with luxury, style, and sophistication.

Gucci logo

4. Rolex

In 1925, the renowned Swiss luxury watch manufacturers, Wilsdorf and Davis, crafted the enduring logo still used by their company today. The emblem is characterized by a golden crown comprising five points, positioned majestically over the brand name written in a prosperous green hue.

The logo serves as a visual representation of their motto, "A Crown for Every Achievement," with the color scheme of gold and green epitomizing their mastery in horology and their flourishing success, respectively.

Rolex logo

5. Coach

Coach, a premier American brand, is renowned for its high-end accessories and goods, particularly its handbags. Founded in Manhattan in 1941, the brand's high-quality products have been consistently adorned with the same logo.

Echoing the approach of Ralph Lauren, Coach's logo cleverly plays on words, where a horse-drawn carriage, also termed a 'coach', forms the central focus. Positioned beneath it, the brand's name is inscribed in a bespoke, bold serif typeface that is both striking and aesthetically pleasing.

Coach logo

6. Hermes

Hermès International S.A., an esteemed fashion house, specializes in offering an array of products, such as ready-to-wear apparel, jewelry, leather goods, accessories, and fragrances. Its emblem features a horse-drawn carriage, harkening back to the brand's early days when it was renowned for crafting high-quality horse saddlery. The logo also incorporates the brand's name in French, a subtle nod to its roots in the fashion capital of the world - France.

Hermes logo

7. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria's Secret, a brand synonymous with high-end lingerie fashion, boasts a logo that is both enigmatic and whimsical.

The design melds a serif typeface in uppercase letters with a unique element where the 'S' intertwines the 'V', mimicking the growth pattern of a vine around a tree trunk.

The rationale behind this intriguing depiction remains undisclosed, maintaining a veiled allure, much like the secrets the brand name suggests.

Victoria’s Secret logo

8. Tissot

Tissot, a Swiss watch manufacturer, is renowned for its luxury, style, and high-quality craftsmanship. The brand's logo aptly captures this essence, featuring a miniature Swiss flag icon coupled with the letter 'T', embodying both its Swiss origin and the brand name itself.

Tissot logo

9. Tommy Hilfiger

This high-quality clothing brand and its namesake designer cherish the traditions and customs that inspire their apparel. So, they incorporated the colors of the American flag into their logo. It's a symbol you'll see on all their products.

Tommy Hilfiger logo

10. Supreme

Supreme, an iconic streetwear brand, is epitomized by its bold and minimalist logo. The design consists of a bright red rectangular box with the brand's name in white Futura Heavy Oblique font, emanating a sense of robustness and modernity.

This brand is very popular on social media and always attracts the trendy crowd. More than just a marketing sensation, Supreme is a big hit with young people. This is perfectly reflected in their bold, simple red and white logo.

Supreme logo

11. Lacoste

Lacoste is well known as a fashion brand with a crocodile logo. Lacoste began by making T-shirts and now produces a wide variety of clothes and shoes, along with leather items, watches, and eyeglasses. The Lacoste brand logo uses a somewhat rounded, special font. The crocodile in the logo is green, with white dots and a red mouth. There's no doubt that this unique logo is one of the most recognized in the fashion world.

Lacoste logo

12. Pandora

Pandora is among the well-known international jewelry brands. The logo of this Danish company is straightforward but effectively communicates its brand values of luxury, elegance, and reliability.

What makes the logo stick in people's minds is the unique design of the letter 'O'. It's got a crown on top, which adds a distinctive touch.

Pandora logo

13. Adidas

Adidas has been using the famous three stripes logo, created by its founder Adi Dassler, for many years. These stripes are meant to look like a mountain, symbolizing a challenge that's yet to be overcome.

The stripes are paired with round, bold letters for a stronger visual impact. They also have another logo, a three-leaf shape, which they only use on their classic, top-selling retro items.

Adidas logo

14. Chanel

Chanel's logo is another timeless design that's both flexible and one-of-a-kind. Its design has two "C" letters that are linked together and face away from each other. These letters represent the first initials of the designer and the person who started the Chanel brand, Coco Chanel.

Chanel logo

15. Bulgari

Bulgari's logo has a rich backstory. The founder of this Italian luxury brand was a Greek man who sought refuge in Naples due to frequent fights between the Turkish and Greek armies back home.

He changed his original name, Sotiris Boulgaris, to the Italian version, Sotirio Bulgari, which also became the name of his jewelry shop. The font used in the logo, often associated with ancient inscription, combines his Greek roots and his new Italian life. It even includes features from ancient Greek and Roman writing, like the "U" being written as a "V".

Bulgari logo

16. Stüssy

Stüssy stands out from the other brands we've discussed since it's a popular brand in the streetwear scene, especially among hip hop fans and skateboarders.

The person who started the company, Shawn Stussy, used his own handwriting for the logo in 1980. This logo has been featured on countless t-shirts, shoes, and hoodies ever since.

Stüssy logo

17. Christian Louboutin

The designer best known for his high heels with the famous red bottoms, also uses his own signature as his logo. The first name is written above the last name, which is written in his own handwriting. The curve of the “L” almost looks like a “C”. Oddly enough, the whole design seems to look like the curve of a high heel shoe.

Christian Louboutin logo

18. The North Face

The North Face is a brand that makes clothes for outdoor activities, and it was created with mountain climbers in mind.

Its logo is a simple shape that looks like the 'Half Dome' mountain from Yosemite National Park. The logo uses the shapes of quarter circles to make the image of the Half Dome. The brand's full name is also included in the logo, written in a bold, easy-to-read font called Helvetica Bold.

The North Face logo

18. Uniqlo

Uniqlo is a company that designs, makes, and sells clothes. Its original name was "uni-clo," which is now shortened and used as the company's logo. The design of the logo was inspired by a red seal from Japan, a mark that shows high quality.

Uniqlo logo

19. The Vampire’s Wife

The Vampire's Wife is a relatively new brand founded by Susie Cave, despite its logo appearing historic.

Her clothing designs are simple yet filled with elegance and intricate details. The logo, which looks like traditional symbols from her native England, includes a floral pattern and a miniature black bird trapped within a two-headed eagle, both of which are unique elements reflecting her design style.

The Vampire’s Wife logo

20. Valentino

Valentino is a clothing brand that uses a picture sign and a written logo. The logo shows the letter 'V' inside an oval shape. Below this, the full name of the company is written in a classy, old-style font.

Valentino logo

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