20 Best Fall Color Palettes for Autumn-Themed Designs

20 Best Fall Color Palettes for Autumn-Themed Designs

20 Best Fall Color Palettes for Autumn-Themed Designs

20 Best Fall Color Palettes for Autumn-Themed Designs

In this article, we have curated the 20 fall color palettes that will bring the warm and cozy feeling of autumn to your designs

In this article, we have curated the 20 fall color palettes that will bring the warm and cozy feeling of autumn to your designs

In this article, we have curated the 20 fall color palettes that will bring the warm and cozy feeling of autumn to your designs

Mar 12, 2024

Mar 12, 2024

Mar 12, 2024

fall color palettes
fall color palettes
fall color palettes

The art of design is more than just a visual soundtrack—it's an interplay of emotions and ideas, and few tools are as vital to the narrative as color. Each season has its own palette, but few match the poetic warmth of autumn.

In this comprehensive guide crafted for graphic designers, we explore the 20 most iconic fall colors and color palettes guaranteed to infuse your fall-themed designs with the vibrancy and soulfulness of the season. Whether you're creating a fall catalog, digital graphics for Thanksgiving, or a cozy corner of the web, these color palettes are your autumnal muse.

What Are Fall Colors?

A fall color palette is a collection of hues, shades, and tones that evoke the essence of autumn. This includes traditional fall colors, warm earthy tones like burnt sienna and terracotta, as well as deep jewel tones like emerald green and ruby red. Fall color palettes are typically inspired by nature, with colors found in changing leaves, pumpkins, and other iconic elements of the season.

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20 Best Fall Color Palettes for Autumn-Themed Designs

Here are the 20 best fall color palettes, along with their hexadecimal color codes, that will infuse your designs with the essence of autumn. Each autumn color palette is accompanied by a brief description to help you understand how the autumn fall colors can be used effectively in your projects.

Pumpkin Patch

The Pumpkin Patch palette celebrates the iconic symbol of fall—the pumpkin. It mixes vibrant shades of orange with subtle hints of multiple shades of green and brown. This fall aesthetic idea is cheerful, embodies the spirit of fall harvests, and is perfect for projects that aim to be lively and inviting.

HEX Codes: #E3A869 | #EA8C2F | #CF5B3A | #A15D2F | #2E2518

Pumpkin Patch fall color palette

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Blue Hues

Fall isn't only about the usual brown colors. You can also mix classic fall colors with awesome cool colors like blue in your fall color scheme. In the Blue Hues palette, we have browns and oranges mixed with different shades of blue. This color inspiration creates a gorgeous color combination perfect for fall weddings, complete with rustic wooden tables, blue tablecloths, and flowers!

HEX Codes: #BA6C17 | #EC8707 | #0C666E | #74B2B7 | #B9D6D4

Blue Hues fall color palette

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Autumn Sunset

Inspired by the breathtaking colors of a sunset in autumn, this palette features vibrant oranges and reds mixed with soft yellows and greens. It captures the warmth and beauty of the fall season, making it ideal for designs that aim to evoke feelings of comfort and relaxation.

HEX Codes: #E06C3A | #C94F53 | #FFBA49 | #62A87C | #453823

Autumn Sunset fall color palette

Cozy Cabin

The Cozy Cabin fall color palette draws inspiration from the warmth of a snug cabin tucked away in the woods during fall. It blends earthy browns and deep greens with soft beige, mimicking the calming and inviting atmosphere of a forest retreat. If you're aiming for a cozy and rustic feel in your designs, this is the perfect fall color palette to use.

HEX Codes: #6E6342 | #453B25 | #C5A16F | #8DB880 | #E1D3C0

Cozy Cabin fall color palette

Acer Rubrum

This vibrant autumn palette features bold shades of red, orange, and yellow, all of which represent the changing colors of leaves in the fall season. These hues are balanced by a deep purple and a dark red, creating a visually striking palette that is perfect for projects that aim to capture the essence of autumn.

HEX Codes: #762F1C | #E9A441 | #FFE268 | #B46358 | #2E313D

Acer Rubrum fall color palette

Golden Glow

Warm and inviting, the Golden Glow fall aesthetic idea is inspired by the glistening sunlight that shines through the trees in autumn. It combines shades of gold, burnt orange, and deep brown with a pop of teal to create a striking contrast.

HEX Codes: #C98330 | #F2A541 | #D14124 | #255958 | #32281E

Golden Glow fall color palette

Magenta Dreams

Magenta Dreams mixes rich pinks and purples with a touch of sophisticated dark grey. Imagine a luxurious bedroom with classy grey walls, purple sheets, and a deep red lamp. This combo brings a unique and elegant vibe to the usual fall colors, making everything look fancy and cozy.

HEX Codes: #5D1322 | #222F38 | #553052 | #681237 | #491A2C

Magenta Dreams fall color palette

Falling Leaves

The Falling Leaves color palette is a mix of warm and cool tones, representing the transition from summer to fall. It features shades of red, orange, yellow, and green that mirror the colors of fallen leaves on the ground. This versatile fall color palette, can be used in various designs, from nature-themed projects to cozy fall home decor.

HEX Codes: #F4793F | #DB4400 | #FFD466 | #8BD5AF | #335145

Emerald Mural

Adding excitement to fall colors is tricky since they're often soft and Earthy. But in Emerald Mural, the bold green and mustard yellow really stand out. This mix of rich and calm colors brings a fancy touch that works great for living rooms, clothes, weddings, or Instagram feed.

HEX Codes: #042E2A | #31342B | #3F0D16 | #A29582 | #BB7A3A

Tropical Sunset

The Tropical Sunset color palette is a vibrant celebration of the end of day, combining an ombre effect of yellow, orange, and red hues that are unapologetically bright, yet manage to stay true to the essence of a fall color scheme. The contrasts within this fall color palette are subtle but effectively capture the fleeting moments of sunset, making it perfect for designs that aim to evoke warmth, energy, and a sense of the dramatic.

HEX Codes: #F7B267 | #F79D65 | #F4845F | #F27059 | #F25C54

Whispering Winds

When trees shed their leaves in fall, it looks like a golden blanket on the ground, making everything feel magical. But it's not just about dark reds, oranges, or yellows. As leaves fade and decay, softer colors like light purple, grey, and lighter shades of pale pink come into play, perfect for party decorations or branding design.

HEX Codes: #6F6E76 | #B46E66 | #9C8490 | #B59AA1 | #BEB5B6

Whispering Winds fall color palette

Blueberry Muffin

Orange and yellow colors are really popular for fall. But if you want something different, try adding a bit of blue. The cool blue shades, like those you see in blueberries, make the yellow and orange pop and look more interesting. This blueberry theme is perfect for making bedrooms look fancy and luxurious. Using dark blue can also give your design a mysterious and fancy feel.

Hex Codes: #15313F | #1F4761 | #FFA300 | #FEC619 | #E29F5B

Country Road

Fall is known for its special, rich colors. The Country Road theme uses colors like mustard yellow, dark gold, deep red, light green, and dark green. These colors blend from light to dark and from yellow to green smoothly. This mix of shades makes it a one-of-a-kind set of colors.

Hex Codes: #DDA44D | #9A451C | #6A1D2D | #9B8D44 | #334C39

Idle Afternoon

Idle Afternoon captures the essence of those tranquil, serene moments of an autumn day. The faded grey and green provide a subtle and refined backdrop that speaks to quiet moments while the nearly black green and brown introduce that cozy fall feeling. If you want a design that reflects relaxation and tranquility, this color palette is the way to go.

Hex Codes: #D9DAD7 | #979F83 | #374F3F | #192E25 | #553B28

Rich Harvest

This fall color mix has deep, beautiful colors that make anything look fancy and high-end. It's perfect for a fancy brand's fall messages or ads. These warm tones will give your design an elegant touch.

Hex Codes: #04151F | #183A37 | #EFD6AC | #C44900 | #432534

Antique Sands

This fall color theme mixes soft brown colors with light green tones to get just the right balance. Since all the colors are neutral, they all go together really well. You can create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere with this color scheme.

Hex Codes: #DDBEA9 | #FFE8D6 | #B7B7A4 | #6B705C | #CB997E

Deep Autumn Sunset

Create the perfect fall vibe for your pictures and designs with this color palette that includes all the classic autumn colors. It's ideal for anything you're planning to post online related to Thanksgiving.

Hex Codes: #FFF3B0 | #335C67 | #E09f3E | #9E2A2B | #540B0E

Sugar Almond Delight

Looking at this single-color brown scheme for autumn, it feels like you can almost breathe in the fresh, crisp fall air again. Use colors that are close to each other for a classy look, or choose the lightest and darkest colors for a more daring design.

Hex Codes: #E6CCB2 | #EDE0D4 | #DDB892 | #7F5539 | #9C6644

Sugar Almond Delight fall color palette

Halloween Green

Halloween is the perfect time to use bright and mismatched colors that stand out. This mix of slime green, dark purple, and bright orange grabs everyone's attention. By using dark colors in the background and these vivid shades in your designs, you'll capture the fun and spooky vibe of Halloween.

HEX Codes: #0D0E15 | #BDEE34 | #931DEF | #22AECC | #EF992B

Halloween Green fall color palette

Smoky Autumn Nights

Create moody and mysterious designs with this mix of dark purples and blues, along with a pop of bright yellow. These colors evoke the feeling of chilly autumn nights, perfect for Halloween designs or anything related to spooky stories.

Hex Codes: #B25124 | #C07A25 | #E6BC4C | #9AABC5 | #2C485D

The Importance of Color in Graphic Design

Color isn't just an aesthetic choice; it's a strategic one that can dictate the success of a project. Color schemes can draw attention, convey messages, provoke emotions, and even influence purchasing decisions.

Color psychology, rooted in the theory that colors evoke specific responses, can guide designers in choosing the right palette for the intended impact. Understanding these principles can lead to more effective branding, advertising, and general visual communication.

In the case of autumn-themed designs, the right color palette can transport your audience to a cozy, nostalgic vision of fall. It can bring memories of crisp air, family gatherings, and the changing season's unique beauty.

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